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Our Philosophy

Dealing with trauma and past hurts, struggling with work, relationships, or addiction, managing depression & anxiety or to better understand one's gender identity or sexuality

- it isn't easy to address any of these things.

We see therapy as a safe, judgment-free, shame-free, and confidential space,

where you are free to vent, confide, cry, discuss, imagine, find strength, and be empowered.


Therapy is a place for hope to come alive, to learn new coping skills, to achieve personal growth, and to discover that you are strong, valuable,

and greater than any struggle, you might have. 


Change is possible!


 We work with children, pre-teens, teens and adults, specializing in supporting

adolescents and the LGBTQ community. 


We work with people who are struggling with relationship issues, anger, depression, anxiety, bullying, divorce, domestic violence, gender identity, behavioral issues, abuse and PTSD. 


We understand meeting with a therapist can be anxiety-provoking and can even feel stressful.  

We get it!

It can be hard to talk about the past, current challenges and future worries. Life can be hard and overwhelming, but you don't need to go it alone, nor do you need to feel "weighed down" by it - therapy can help lessen your burden!   


    You are worth it!

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